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Presentation of Mjölby Ungdomsmusikkår

Mjölby Ungdomsmusikkår is a voluntary association which today involves about 100 musicians and majorettes. The band was founded in 1956 by its legendary conductor and leader, Sven Jönsson.

The orchestra is a symphonic wind band and the repertoire varies from original music to popular and contemporary music. The band can be seen in traditional concerts as well as in march- and show performances. Together, musicians and majorettes create melodious, colourful and festive shows.

Mjölby Ungdomsmusikkår is known as one of the leading youth orchestras in Sweden with a successful past. Every year the band participates in several traditional cultural events such as Walpurgis Night, May Day, the Swedish national day and others.

The orchestra also performs during many tours in Sweden and abroad. Some of the countries that have been visited are Germany, Britain, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Estonia. In 2015 the band visited Rastede in Germany and participated in ”Internationale Rastede Musiktage”.

Since some years, Mjölby Ungdomsmusikkår cooperates with the municipal school of art in Mjölby, where our young musicians and majorettes are being educated. This collaboration is an important condition in order to be able to develop both individuals and the collective achievement.

In 2011 Andreas Pettersson was elected musical director of the band and he is assisted by deputy director Mia Dahl. Leader of the majorettes is Lillemor Rehn and she is assisted by Jessica Svärdell and Frida Gustavsson. In addition, several teachers from the municipal school of art work every week with the ongoing rehearsals with the orchestra and the majorettes.