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Mjölby Ungdomsmusikkår – a unique and prosperous youth music corps

 Mjölby Ungdomsmusikkår – the youth music corps is an association founded in 1956 and consists of about 120 active young musicians and majorettes.

We are a symphonic wind orchestra with a broad repertoire of music and perform both in concerts and marches. Our musical acts are often accompanied with performances of our majorettes.

Mjölby Ungdomsmusikkår is one of the cultural cornerstones in the municipality of Mjölby. We are also known as one of the leading and biggest youth music corps in Sweden.

Every year, we participate in several traditional cultural events, e.g. Walpurgis Night, the National day and graduation.

We give concerts both in Sweden and abroad. During the years, we have won several awards and prices in both concert and marching competitions.

One important factor to our success is the close cooperation with the school of arts in Mjölby. There our musicians practise both individually and in smaller groups with their music teachers. The music teachers also participate in our weekly rehearsal work. Also, both our conductor and vice-conductor are music teachers at the school of arts. Our majorettes practise at the school of arts as well.

Our board consists of both youngsters and adults and together with several different working groups they are planning all activities in the youth music corps.

We also have our own supporter club: MUMS (Mjölby UngdomsMusikkårs Stödförening), whose members are former musicians, relatives or others willing to support our youth music corps.

Mjölby Ungdomsmusikkår is unique in Sweden. In many places around Sweden, youth orchestras are closing down as a result of lack of interest from the young ones, whereas we continue to flourish…